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Welcome To Our New UBUNTU Funding Platform

Message from Michael Tellinger:

Greetings to all the thousands of UBUNTU and One Small Town supporters around the world. For many years we have struggled with funding platforms and ways to raise funds in a transparent and stable manner. PayPal has been the easiest mechanism for a long time but unfortunately it came with endless problems and interferences – often restricting our account while scrutinizing our activity and and my credentials. On one occasion our website was hacked and our PayPal donation funnel was hijacked. Those days are now over. I trust that this Patreon platform will give our supporters the comfort and transparency that their support is actually going to the right destination and also see the full extent of the support we receive to manage the office and all related activities. If you support the UBUNTU philosophy and the ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action – please share this Patreon Page with all your friends who may feel the same way. Every day I speak to more people and more mayors in more countries. Every day we get closer to making this dream of a beautiful world – a reality. Thank you for your ongoing warm hearted messages of support. One Small Town is coming – it’s just a matter of time.

In Unity – Michael Tellinger


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