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INFINITY token Price Update

Updated: Feb 6

As promised, the algorithm that calculates the price of the OST INFINITY token, was activated again on the 1st of January 2024. As expected, the price rose substantially from $3.11 to $3.74, because of the continued growth of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, and the contributions from our growing number of members around the world.

We do this activation once every month to update the price of the token.

We do this during our early growing phase, to allow new members to sign up on the platform, Ambassadors to learn how to use the platform, loading community projects and new businesses, and learn how to monitor our members using their membership cards and QR codes to earn tokens when they contribute in various ways.

We are creating something that has never been done before and this requires constant upgrades, improvements and making sure that our platform works smoothly without glitches.

So get your tokens now, before the next price update on 1 February 2024.

INFINITY is the most powerful asset backed community token available. Because it's backed by our own labour and sweat equity. Not like gold or silver, or oil, that can be stolen, blown up or hidden.

We have created a stable means of exchange for everyone, everywhere. The one important thing that Bitcoin never achieved.

Get your INFINITY tokens here.

They get stored in your OST membership Digital Wallet. You can exchange them for items of value, send them free of charge to any other member, or place them up for sale on the OST Trading platform.


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