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UPDATE: Lebanon & South Africa

ONE SMALL TOWN opens its first official office in the world.

Yesterday we officially took occupation of the ONE SMALL TOWN office in Kuruman. It will be located at the historic Moffat Mission. I captured the ceremonial handing over of the keys to our new OST office, by reverent Stuurman, to our Kuruman tasks team leader Michael Matshaka. Mayor Queen Mogatle performed the ceremonial opening of the doors.

Today we meet with the local radio station to plan a full scale PR campaign, which will launch next week.

The mayor and her team will embark on an extensive road trip to spread the OST message to the people of the district of 27, 000 Square kilometers.

Our objective is to sign up a minimum of 50 thousand members.

ONE SMALL TOWN News From Lebanon:

The Lebanese Ambassador, for ONE SMALL TOWN, Fayez Moukarim is setting up the OST office in Ras El Matn this week. The first meeting of the youth council and people's council will take place.

The first service based businesses that do not require funding will be initiated.

We have secured a beautiful venue for the ONE SMALL TOWN art gallery and have several hundred works of art offered to us at this stage.

Watch this space. Great things are happening in Lebanon.

Just remember - We are creating and building the ANTIDOTE to all this madness and evil in the world. ONE SMALL TOWN is coming - with prosperity and abundance for all. It's just a matter of time. The OST launch in South Africa and Lebanon is getting closer every day. There is a large dedicated team of passionate experts, all working as volunteers day and night - making sure that we make progress every day. And we are making great progress daily. It is just too much to report on all the time.

SO - join our team - become an active participant in making the ONE SMALL TOWN a reality. We need all the support we can get at this stage.


Two days ago we meet with the representatives of the food tunnel project in Kuruman.

Our seed cultivation expert has arrived and we will plan the launch of the seed bank and other related agricultural activities.

Our preliminary calculations are that we can provide the small and medium size farmers in South Africa with around 1200 tons of heirloom organic seeds for the next planting season.

Join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative today.

Watch this space.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.

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