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The Truth About Banks...

There is a huge difference between...

1. A central bank as we know it, owned by the banking elite

2. A central bank controlled by the government

3. And a central people's bank that belongs to the people, with the ability to create money for all activities necessary in our country.

When the people own the central banks, there is no inflation, no debt, no homelessness, no lack of work, and money is always created and made available for everything that is needed by the communities to uplift and improve all infrastructure.

Please think deeply about this...

We are so traumatized and blinded by the privately owned central banks, that we forget how simple things should be and how much abundance we can have, if we remove the control of governments and banks. This is not however a final solution for full Freedom.

If the people took control of the South African Reserve Bank tomorrow, and started creating interest free money as we could, we would be able to create a mass national community upliftment drive to cover all sectors. We would be able to stimulate every facet of every industry. And create work for every South African immediately. Without creating any so-called national debt.

Think about this deeply and then ask yourself... Why is our government not taking this action? Simple solutions can only be implemented when we stand united and elevate our individual and collective levels of consciousness.

The ONE SMALL TOWN initiative provides the platform in which we will achieve full freedom from economic slavery. Discovery how the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is changing the world.

For a deep dive into this subject, get the UBUNTU Book. All about the true origins of money and everything around it. How to create a new system - that makes this slavery system obsolete. Get the UBUNTU book in 11 Languages here:

In unity,

Michael Tellinger

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