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PRESS RELEASE: Launch Update & Token Platform Information

TIME TO RECHARGE - Before we fly! I finally made it home after the exhausting week and weekend of our official launch of ONE SMALL TOWN and FORUS Digital platforms. It will take some time to digest everything we accomplished during this time - but it will be remembered for many years and set a new standard for community development, investment opportunities, decentralized financial systems, easy payments and receiving money, new stable crypto token, and much more. We established an unshakeable relationship with the TWO largest kingdoms in South Africa and the whole of Africa - the Zulu and Xhosa tribes that represent 20 million people; set the platform for launching TWO stable crypto tokens at a time when the crypto world is collapsing; and brought hope and light into the hearts and minds of millions of people, AND frustrated mayors and politicians, who could not see a way out of the economic mess they find themselves in. Suddenly, we have FIVE South African municipalities that are implementing the ONE SMALL TOWN model; and unprecedented levels of excitement to get started. SO - I need to decompress and ground myself - Next week is the start of a NEW wave of activity in KURUMAN, LEBANON, EASTERN CAPE, Zululand, and Xhosa Kingdom lands. We also expect further engagement from several Premiers of 2 to 3 provinces in SA. I will do a detailed VIDEO with updates and news ASAP.

The expected launch of the FORUS Trading platform - connected to the Digital Wallet is set for 4th of July 2022. We are working very hard to make this happen. So please be patient and don't panic - everything is going very well on all fronts. This is a huge task, that took a bit more effort than some of us expected. In the meantime - BECOME A PATRON and keep supporting our efforts to make this launch a big success. The more support we have financially, the more we can do to speed things up.

Till alter - In unity - Michael Tellinger

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