ONE SMALL TOWN Progress Report. 23 Nov 2021 & What We Need Help With

Updated: Jan 31

ONE SMALL TOWN progress Report. 23 Nov 2021 AND WHAT WE NEED HELP WITH We now have 16 Ambassadors in 15 countries. Latest additions are CANADA and IRELAND. We are moving ahead at a good steady pace with ONE SMALL TOWN launch preparations in Lebanon, South Africa, Namibia, Croatia, and soon the USA. Our support team of experts is getting stronger all the time. The list of interested mayors is growing weekly. Our main focus is compiling the list of businesses and detailed business plans for around 100 businesses that will be presented to the keen investors who are looking at the OST as a lucrative safe investment opportunity. These range from smaller investments of half a million – to the big projects like Community owned hospitals and health & wellness centres that require hundreds of millions. Our focus is on large scale agriculture, food productions, natural traditional herbal and medicinal plants; building materials and new-tech enviro friendly plastic materials, pharmaceuticals and health products, domestic consumables, toy manufacturing; and many other industries. All these businesses can generate a turnover of more than One Billion Dollars for a town of 20k people – where 66% of all these businesses are owned by the community. This is the goal and intention of OST. WHAT WE NEED HELP WITH: We need more people to participate in Business Plan development. From start to finish – detailed plans with water tight numbers. If you are a business planner who knows how to deliver complete business plans, OR – if you have any existing business plans for any kind of industry sector, that you are willing to share with us – please email our UK ambassador Giulia Buttery on to share with her. She is coordinating our dynamic team of business planners. ONGOING FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR OUR HEAD OFFICE Managing all this takes many people and many resources. The more funding we have the more effective we can be in delivering results. We have 327 PATRONS as of today, but need to grow our PATRON base of committed people who want to make ONE SMALL TOWN a success. Please BECOME A PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN – and know that you are an active participant in creating a world of prosperity and abundance for all of us.

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In unity – Michael Tellinger


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