Introducing The New One Small Town Ambassador For Canada

Updated: Jan 31


I am very excited to introduce Helene McGinn as our new Canadian ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador. You can reach Helene on

Canada is one of the most active countries with OST, and I get many emails from Canadians every day, who want to get involved in some way and do something.

It is critical to have someone on the ground as a first contact person in every country, to answer questions, and convey our plans and coordinate the OST initiatives in that country . Helene has great energy and passion for the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative and will be a great asset to our movement in CANADA.

For now, we are not actively looking for any more Mayors, until we launch our first OST in Lebanon, South Africa, USA and most likely Namibia. All our efforts are focused on those areas. BUT – we are preparing the ground and lining up the next wave of towns and Mayors, who want to engage with us, so that we can launch even more effectively after our first town launches.

As more and more skilled people join our head office team, we are growing a highly effective group of experienced people for future launches of ONE SMALL TOWNS in more and more countries. Smoothly and effectively.

Till later – Michael Tellinger