ONE SMALL TOWN NEWS - 12 Sept 2022

Close to 400 people received their pre-ordered INFINITY tokens and their digital wallets so far. If you have any problems with tokens or your wallet email - your problems will be sorted out - please do not panic or be worried. I have built this initiative over 14 years, and we will make this an historic success together with our supporters in over 140 countries.

Some pre-orders have not been completed by those who placed the orders - this leaves about 180,000 INFINITY tokens up for grabs from the first release. These will be offered to our PATRONS as a first special privilege offer.

Upcoming News: We are preparing the launch of FOUR new ONE SMALL TOWN projects in October 2022, in 3 countries.

Seed Banks: This week, we start to treat our corn seeds with a special technique which apparently makes them grow larger and give much bigger yields - up to 6 times. We will know in about 9 weeks.

In unity - Michael


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