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I am very happy to introduce the newly appointed Ambassador for ONE SMALL TOWN Kuruman, Mokgweetsi Sewedi, left, and senior member of the OST Kuruman people's council, Pastor Cecilia Kitchin, centre.

They are off to a flying start. I expect to see good steady progress after a few months of stagnation while we were contemplating the way forward.

I am thrilled beyond words with this critical development in Kuruman -great progress in Kuruman.

Our new Ambassador, Mokgweetsi Sewedi, addresses an excited group of residents about the fresh launch of the OST initiative. After several weeks of contemplation and planning, we have reached the decision to break up the area into three separate OST projects. The reason why it has taken so long to start activities, is quite simple. It was simply too big and unmanageable.

This is another valuable lesson we have learnt from the early days of launching OST.

Kuruman will remain as is, while new OST Cooperatives are being registered for the towns of Kathu, and Heuningvlei.

Prospective Ambassadors have been identified. Here are some pics from our very lively and exciting meeting with the new Ambassador for Kuruman, Mokgweetsi Sewedi, and support from key community leaders.

There is now tangible excitement and a clear vision for the way forward.

The initial board is being established that will consist of people with special knowledge and experience in diverse industries.

The future is bright! Learn more about the One Small Town initiative at and become a part of this beautiful movement.

In Unity,

Michael Tellinger

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