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OFFICIAL ONE SMALL TOWN LAUNCH - this weekend 18 June 2022

We are getting ready for our launch on Saturday. Loads of work still do be done - but we are making great progress.


This weekend is the official ceremonial launch to the media by myself, all the participating mayors, premiers and kings. The activation of the FORUS Token Trading platform will come as soon as possible in the next few days, we trust.

It is an insane mount of work to ensure that everything is ready and bulletproof - needless to say that our enthusiasm may have gotten the better of us with prediction of the launch date.

So don't panic if our Tokens are not available on the trading platform immediately after the weekend - it will be soon - and it will be worth every minute of waiting.

Our partnership with FORUS DIGITAL is growing daily and is very strong. We will have some of the most effective and advanced crypto trading and sharing and payment option available to everyone in the world, very soon.


Please do not respond to any PR or sales offers for OST INFINITY tokens or the OST INVESTOR tokens unless it is directly from our website -

There are already scammers trying to extort money from people offering our tokens as a con.

The only official links to the FORUS trading platform with our tokens, will be displayed on our official website -

OR directly on the FORUS trading platform that can be verified.

As soon as our tokens are ready and available on the FORUS Trading Platform we will publish it on our website - with the link.

The tokens are NOT being traded yet and any such offers are scams. You can pre-order your tokens on our website here:

NOTICE: Pres-launch orders are almost at its maximum. At this stage we have pre-launch orders of over 840k Infinity tokens. There are only 1 million tokens available for the initial launch offer.

In unity - Michael Tellinger

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