No More Conflict

Updated: Feb 1

There are many researchers and reporters around the world who report on the injustice, crimes and atrocities committed by governments and large corporations everywhere against their people and other countries. Alex Jones is one of them. While the sentiment of the reporters may seem good, unfortunately it only plays into the hands of the elite, who use this fear-mongering tactic to create xenophobia and stir up division and hatred among people. The obvious agenda is to turn people against each other.

We need to be aware of this and guard against such basic manipulation and division.We cannot stay ignorant and we cannot stay silent but we cannot allow this mass manipulation of humanity to create more division and conflict. We need to balance the agenda-driven news with a plan and a call to action to create a new alternative for the breakdown of our society.

The UBUNTU Movement seems to be the only movement around at present that actually has a plan to get all of humanity out of of this decaying state of society. UBUNTU’s ONE SMALL TOWN – is a catalyst for rapid and permanent change for the benefit of all – bringing prosperity and abundance to all the people of the world – making the need for borders and invasions completely unthinkable and unnecessary. The consequence of ONE SMALL TOWN – is the rapid collapse of central governments, violence, opposition or conflict – while people take control of their own communities and create abundance for themselves – sharing their prosperity with others because they choose to do so.

A system of Contributionism – in which money will no longer be needed and therefore no-one will be able to control or manipulate any community through the money slavery system that has enslaved humanity for thousands of years.

YES – stay informed and aware of what is going on in the world – BUT don’t allow the darkness to dull your spirit and the knowing that there is a way out of this hell on Earth. The ONE SMALL TOWN – system will give people the opportunity to live anywhere they choose to and create and contribute their skills and talents to their community – be loved and respected for who they are and what they do – live their lives in their full power and have no need to feel insignificant. Join the UBUNTU Movement today – Learn about the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy and tell everyone.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let us create the beautiful world of abundance and prosperity for all that we all imagine for ourselves and our children.