Introducing The New One Small Town Ambassador For The UK

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Giulia Buttery as the newly appointed ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador for the UK. Giulia is taking over from Graham Clarke, who is assuming the critical role of CFO. Those in the UK who want to get involved in the ONE SMALL TOWN activation – you can contact Giulia on:

I welcome Giulia to the One Small Town family and trust that she will be a great inspiration and guide for others. Giulia is already very involved in several key aspects of the first ONE SMALL TOWN implementation in Lebanon and other upcoming towns, coordinating our business planners and accountants, who are compiling the foundational business plans and strategies for the first few towns. I am incredibly proud of our growing team of Ambassadors that are turning a simple idea, who many thought was impossible, into a reality.

In unity – Michael Tellinger


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