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CROATIA Joins The One Small Town Drive

I have started a very positive conversation with a Mayor, a Councillor and a future Councillor of a town in beautiful Croatia. They have reached consensus that they want to implement the ONE SMALL TOWN plan in a few weeks.

Just another example how the OST message of hope is spreading and growing roots into more and more countries and communities. I will share more news when it becomes available. I look forward to the day when the actual OST campaign driven by the one of the Mayors starts. That will be the day that we can honestly say that we have Launched the ONE SMALL TOWN – what will happen after that will be marvelous and miraculous to most of the people everywhere.

More and more people are waking up to she simple solution to the plight of people everywhere, provided by the OST plan. SMALL TOWN is coming – it’s just a matter of time.

Help me to keep the momentum going and growing – make a contribution to the cost and expenses – BECOME A PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN – Know that you are actively helping to make this a reality. Click to sign up below!

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