This is the first and critical step to escape the banking tyranny. How can countries escape the strangle hold of the world bank and IMF loans and general debt that the governments have got their countries into?

Firstly, ensure that you grow enough food to provide for your people and have a large surplus left for storage.

Ensure energy supply is not dependent on imports.

The rest is really simple. People are very smart and creative to solve all problems.

Then - Announce that you will no longer be using the services of the Rothschild Central Bank, borrowing money from them at interest.

We are not stupid, we know how a printing press works.

Then, close down the Central Bank and within 24 hours reopen the central bank as a People's Bank. Issuing money for the people, by the people.

Your country can create as much money as you need, at ZERO interest. This has been done several times in the past 100 years with great success, but the powerful Rothschild agents have always successfully infiltrated and sabotaged such initiatives of freedom.

Every mainstream trained economist will jump up and down to tell you all about how this is impossible and how you will create super inflation and a long list of reasons why this cannot work, only because all economists are the products of academic institutions that teach the central banking philosophy, where all the textbooks are written by the same bankers.

Money is a tool that should help us achieve greatness. Unfortunately, it has been hijacked and turned into a tool of enslavement.

Learn about how the ONE SMALL TOWN plan will allow us to use these tools of enslavement and turn them into tools of liberation.

In the end, we must remember that money on its own Does Nothing. It requires the action and energy of people to do something. Once we realize that we can build a bridge across the river without a single cent, we will start to realize that we don't really need money, we need each other. Because money does nothing, people do everything, by planning it, and executing it.

Realize that money in the way that it is used today, is the absolute tool of enslavement.

Now that we know this we can do something about it.

Learn about ONE SMALL TOWN and spread the word.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.


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