Business Planners Needed

Updated: Jan 31

Business Planners Needed: The One Small Town plan is growing rapidly. We are developing between 50 -100 business plans for the launch of the first ONE SMALL TOWN in Lebanon, South Africa, Namibia, Croatia and the USA. These are the first countries with real OST activity – but we have many more towns and countries on stand-by.

We are in need of well experienced business planners who know how to put together a solid and water tight business plan – for any imaginable industry or business. From agriculture, technology, computers, healthcare, education, sports, culture, building materials, food production, etc.

If want to join our team of experienced business planners and contribute, please contact our UK Ambassador, Giulia Buttery on – send a short CV and indicate for what sector you can help provide a business plan. We will work with you on adapting all plans for specific situations where they are needed.

Till next time – In unity – Michael Tellinger Click here to see interview:


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