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Progress & Update 20 August 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2022


It is almost unbelievable that in the past month I have had the great privilege to appoint 13 One Small Town Ambassadors in 13 countries. The UBUNTU Planet Head office has never been more active and cracking than it is now in August 2021. We have truly entered a NEW age and stage of our growth and awareness. At this stage we are in communication with mayors and councilors in 31 towns and municipalities. We have three commitments from mayors to engage with us to launch ONE SMALL TOWN. We have ONE signed letter of Engagement and this week we expect 2 more. This will be followed by statements by each Mayor on camera, committing themselves to the launch of the OST initiative in their town. Once this has been done, we will announce the names of the towns.

This will take us into a rapid action phase – establishing OST task teams in each town; analyzing the industrial, agricultural and other potential of the town; identifying the many diverse business to launch; number-crunching the business plans that will appeal to investors; identifying the people potential and special skills; signing up the participants in the community; developing blockchain technology to manage the participants and their weekly contributions; establishing the People’s Council; developing the website and creating ongoing uplifting videos and PR about the progress of the town. All this requires a lot of coordination and funding of the UBUNTU office. Please join this initiative by becoming a PATRON of this exciting initiative. Click HERE to become a PATRON.

We are creating the world we all dream of – a world of unity – harmony and freedom from economic slavery.



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