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Italy Gets One Small Town Ambassador

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Italy gets a ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador Introducing Cristina Redi – our latest appointed Ambassador for One Small Town in Italia. Cristina, is a retired architect, who has been involved in the UBUNTU movement for some time and is responsible for the translation into Italian, of the UBUNTU book; a few of my other books; many documents; creating and translating the ONE SMALL TOWN Italia website; and FaceBook pages; translating several videos and organising several events for me on my tour of Italy some years ago. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Cristina to the ONE SMALL TOWN team of Ambassadors and wish her great success in her activities in Italy. Cristina can be reached on

Here is the link for the Italian website –

And the ONE SMALL TOWN Italia – FaceBook page – In unity – Michael Tellinger

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