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Participation Opportunities



Participation Token 

Launch - 15 March 2024


ONE SMALL TOWN has created a unique new way to participate into OST businesses around the world with PARTICIPATION TOKENS. This is a revolutionary approach to streamlining participation opportunities across many businesses in many sectors.

The Ras El Matn Health Center is the first of our OST businesses and the first participation token of this kind. There will be many more in the months and years to come.

The health industry is a very lucrative sector. This Health Center promises to become a highly profitable business with high traffic, that will deliver very generous returns for its token holders.


There are 1 million Health Center tokens available at $5.00 USD each. Issued tokens represent 30% net profit of the business. OST will NEVER issue any more of these specific tokens. The minimum participation in the Health Center, is $100 USD or 20 tokens. 


There is no limit on the maximum number of tokens obtainable by one member, up to the total number of 1 million tokens available. 


Dividends are paid out annually to token holders based on the number of tokens they hold. 

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The Ras El Matn Health Center is the first of its kind, state-of-the-art, world class, five-star facility that fuses cutting-edge medical and healing technology with holistic wisdom. We deliver advanced medical services, preventive measures, and curative solutions.


We apply the latest tools and equipment available, delivered by experts in their specialised fields, supported by holistic therapeutic knowledge, that will revolutionise health & wellness practices worldwide. 


We take a comprehensive approach that considers not only medical treatment but also the social, psychological, spiritual and environmental factors affecting health. 

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  1. Tokenizing the investment creates a highly versatile commodity, with various new revolutionary ways to exchange, trade and sell your investment tokens.
  2. A safe and secure way for investors to empower small towns.

  3. Allows large and small investors equal access to buy tokens and become profit shareholders.

  4. Each token is an asset-backed investment.

  5. A safe new way for small towns to crowd-fund their own businesses.

  6. Each token is a private and secure investment made easy.

  7. The kind of investment that benefits everyone involved.

  8. A simple and profitable way to empower communities 

  • Investments are done via our unique OST Investor Tokens. 

  • Each new OST business is funded by issuing a unique investor token which is linked to that specific business.

  • Each group of investor tokens collectively represent 30% net profit in the business they represent – in this case the Ras El Matn Health Center. 

  • The tokens are minted on the OST private Platform as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) because each token has a unique alphanumeric code attached when it is created. 

  • The value of the token will keep rising with the increasing value of the business.

  • IMPORTANT: OST tokens can never be lost or stolen because of their unique alphanumeric code, and because they are linked to your member’s account. 

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  • OST tokens can be bought or sold by OST members on the private OST platform. 

  • Acquired tokens are held in your OST Digital Wallet in your member’s account. 

  • Tokens can never be held by someone who is not an OST member.

  • The number of tokens you hold, represents a proportional fraction of the total number of tokens issued for a specific business. 

  • All tokens are bought and sold on a willing seller – willing buyer principle. 

  • Dividends are paid out annually to token holders based on the number of tokens they hold. 



  • You can send tokens privately to any OST member for free, from wallet to wallet.

  • You can gift your tokens to friends or family as long as they are members.  

  • You can exchange your tokens for other items of value among OST members, such as food, clothing, fridge, bicycle, car, house, etc. 

  • You can place your tokens for sale on the OST platform, to willing buyers. 

  • All tokens are bought and sold on a willing seller – willing buyer basis. 

  • Once you accept investor tokens into your digital wallet, whether they are bought, or gifted to you, you are automatically bound by the same terms and condition of sale and purchase, applicable to OST tokens. 

  • You will receive an annual payout from the respective business, based on the number of tokens you hold. 


Click on BECOME A MEMBER – this takes you to the OST Platform landing page.

Click BECOME A MEMBER again – follow the simple steps and take your time to fill in the required details accurately to become a member. 

Be patient & take your time to do it right - It is important to fill the details very accurately. This is a financial transaction so the details must be extremely accurate. If there are discrepancies, it may cause complications later. 

Once you have signed up – Go the OST Platform landing page again.

Log into your OST Membership account – use the email and password you used to set up the account. 

Click on MY WALLET

Click Buy Tokens – Choose Ras El Matn – Health Center Token

There are TWO ways to pay.

  1. Card Payment – follow simple instructions as with any other online card purchase

  2. Direct Bank Transfer - For investments larger than $9,000 USD we propose a Direct Bank Transfer into the OST Bank of America account – details are in the payment gateway in you OST Wallet.

NOTE: For larger placements and personal service please email or


Once you complete the payment you will receive an email confirming your token purchase

Transactions may take up to 7 days to complete, depending on the bank and transaction regulations. 

Check your digital wallet to ensure your tokens have been allocated.


SUPPORT: For any queries regarding token purchases or membership accounts please email 

Notice & Disclaimer

ONE SMALL TOWN NPC, South Africa, or any of its affiliates such as ONE SMALL TOWN INTERNATIONAL LLC USA, ONE SMALL TOWN LTD UK, (OST) are not licenced financial institutions, we do not provide financial services, tax advice, or financial advice, or claim to be accredited financial services providers.


We are a worldwide Private Membership Organisation that is involved in community development and upliftment projects. We provide the tools that assist OST members to develop plans and strategies to develop their towns and communities. 

This includes membership signups on our secure private platform, membership cards, business plan support, project management, international contacts and networks, and other benefits associated with ONE SMALL TOWN membership.  

Please be advised that the term TOKEN, TOKENS, or INVESTOR TOKEN, is not a reference to an official financial document, or share certificate, of financial services instrument. Tokens are not intended to constitute securities, shares, units in a collective investment plan, or any form of financial instrument, or advice in any jurisdiction. 

It is a membership token that indicates the MEMBER’s support of a specific business or activity within the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. Token holders must be members, and they receive benefits from the specific business they support, based on the number of tokens they hold. 

OST expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties that the Tokens might be construed as an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment.

Acknowledgment by Token Holders:

By acquiring, holding, or using the Tokens, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You understand that the Tokens are not registered with any government entity as a security or as any other form of financial instrument.

  2. OST Tokens represent Private Membership support and benefits.

  3. You are acquiring the Tokens solely for their intended purpose as outlined by OST, and not as an investment or a financial product.


Regulatory Compliance:

OST is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the issuance and management of digital tokens. Should any changes in legislation or regulation require adjustments to the nature or use of the Tokens, OST will undertake to inform token holders appropriately and take necessary actions in compliance with the law.

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