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One Small Town

Calling all artists, painters, sculptors, and more. It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the One Small Town Art Gallery & NFT Market.

All artists, sculptors, and other artists in the creative arts are invited to sign up and to display their work in this new revolutionary gallery.


                      Our OST gallery offers our artists a 60% commission on the sale of your work, AND a continued 10% royalty on all future sales of your work on our OST online platform.


      In addition, we will create certified NFTs of your work, which will also be up for sale, creating an additional and perpetual royalty income for you, from all future sales of such NFTs.


    The OST Gallery will hold monthly online auctions to promote all the new works on display in the gallery.


To participate, all you have to do is to open your account as an artist on the OST Platform and fill in the required details. The rest is explained in the Terms & Conditions.


Please read the details of participation below.

Contemporary Art Gallery

Procedures and Protocols


The OST Art Gallery is established as the heart of the arts community. All artists are welcome to submit their works.

The venue can extend into a music venue, theatre, and other art forms. This can start with one venue and grow to several adjacent venues that eventually create an arts and culture destination area in the town. It can start humbly in a large warehouse, or barn, or hall. The space must be large enough to accommodate a substantial number of items on display.

The venue should/could also be able to accommodate space for the following: art classes for various forms of art; fine art; sculpting; pottery; lecture hall/space; music studio; film editing; dance performance rehearsal space; etc. The venue must be secured for a long period or permanent occupation if possible.

A restaurant and public gathering space should be considered for artists and visitors alike. This always creates great energy to meet and greet and other social activities.

Each OST Gallery has its own website page that features its own art.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery



All artist in the OST area, are invited to place their art on display.

Artists must become OST members before they can display their work.

Before their work is displayed or accepted, all artists will sign an agreement with OST, which will also be converted into a Smart Contract for online sales.

Artist agreements with OST specify all the terms and conditions relating to the display of their work; the sale; royalties; and all aspects related to such procedures.

Artists have the right to remove their works from the gallery and online site if it has not sold within the period specified in the agreement.


Pricing & Categorization:

Each item is categorized and issued a gallery item number, and a QR code associated with that specific item.

The QR code becomes the base NFT code for each item.

Any additional NFT codes connected to the item will be extensions of the base NFT code assigned to the original work of art.

A selling price is agreed upon in writing, between the creator/artist and OST Gallery, for every item submitted.

This is the price at which the item is launched on display.

Artists sign off on each item online on their created account, to ensure that the agreement becomes part of the smart contract and that only the artist has access to their account to make such sign-offs possible.


Each art gallery will have its own pages on the OST Online Store, featuring all works of art in that specific OST Gallery.

Monthly online auctions will be held for all NEW works of art added to the gallery in that specific month.

After the initial auction, all works of art remain on display at all times for potential buyers to make an offer.

Each item will exhibit the latest price at which it was sold.

Existing owners’ identities will not be displayed publicly to protect the privacy of owners. 

Anyone can make an offer online at any time for any item on display. It is up to the current owner to either accept or reject the offer.


Each original work of art is allocated an NFT code by the OST Gallery.

This unique code will be embedded in the most inconspicuous way into the origan work, for future authentication purposes.

Each original item is sold with the Original NFT as a digital certificate of authentication.

This will prevent copycats from copying or replicating the work. The authentication can only be made if the item is sold with the original NFT which is registered with the OST Gallery.


There is a difference between these TWO items.

Certified Copies: Each item will be photographed to create a high quality, official replica/copy of the item. Each photograph will have a special NFT created to indicate that it is a Certified Copy / Photograph of the original work.

These official replica photographs will be delivered to the owner of the item as part of the sale - for display and permanent keep. The owner can sell the replica photo/s at any time on the OST platform. Keep in mind that the NFT is registered only on the OST platform and can only be sold on this platform to keep track of the NFT transfer. 

NFTs: Official NFT’s will be created for each work on display. These NFTs will be sold separately as official NFTs of each work of art. Buyers can buy the original work and the NFT at the same time for their collection.

Paintings: will have only ONE official replica NFT.

Sculptures and other 3-D works: will have a set of THREE or SIX official NFT images issued. These will always be sold as a set of THREE or SIX images.

Musical recordings, movies, audio visual works, and other works, will be dealt with at a later stage.

Abstract Painting


Income from sales of works is broken down as follows:


First sale of works on display:

Artist:            60%   

Gallery:          30%

OST Office:   10%   

Re-Sale of works on display:

Artist:            10% royalty

OST Gallery: 10% commission

This will require the minimum selling price of each item to be at least 25% more than the previous selling price – for the owner to make any profit.


The Royalty and Gallery commission will be added to the offer made.

Art Museum
Image by Victor Grabarczyk


After a sale has been made, the original works of art will remain on display in the OST Gallery. The owner has the right to take possession of the work for ONE year out of every THREE years.

Delivery costs, insurance and all other costs related to the packaging and shipping of the work of art, will be for the buyer/owner’s account.


When the sale of a certified NFT is made, the NFT photographs will be shipped to the owner for permanent keep. The image of the NFT will remain on display on the OST platform so that interested buyers can make an offer at any time for such works.

Image by Alexander Ant



  1. Anyone who has bought any work of art / item from any OST Gallery, will have free access to all OST Galleries around the world, to attend any kind of function or event. This excludes special private workshops or master classes hosted by artists.

  2. All those who have purchased the works of a specific artist from an OST Gallery, will be able to attend all future workshops, master classes, or special events presented by such an artist, free of charge


All OST ART Galleries will carry comprehensive insurance on all the work of art on display or in the custody of the gallery.

Image by Nicola POWYS
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