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Transforming Our Towns Into Places of Prosperity and Abundance

A unique Integrated Community Development Plan

driven by you and your community.


Taking control of our own future and our destiny

Imagine a beautiful world filled with harmony, joy, peace and abundance. The kind of world we have all dreamed of. We are creating this world for ourselves, for our families and our communities. Not at some stage in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.

If you are tired of working like a slave just to make ends meet; If you believe there is a better way for us to live and thrive; If you know that cooperation and collaboration creates prosperity; the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is the place for you.

Everyone can become a proud global member of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. You don't have to live in an active town. 

Click HERE to sign up.


We Are Creating Communities Where:

  • People work in cooperation and collaboration for the wellbeing of the entire community, contributing their skills and talents for the benefit of all.

  • Everyone only has to contribute 3 hours per week towards our community owned businesses and projects - Where we share everything we have grown, built and created for free, between all our members equally.

  • Where everyone is an equal shareholder in all of the businesses that belong to the community.

  • Where everything we need to survive is provided by ourselves for ourselves, including food, housing, services, education, healthcare & more.​

Construction Site

Our Motivation

The socio-economic structure of our countries and our world has failed us dramatically. The freedom that our forefathers strived for is in danger of being lost forever. Our current system is broken – It cannot be fixed. 


We are creating a new system – without any violence, opposition, or conflict. A new system of prosperity and abundance for all – that will make the existing system obsolete.


We can no longer sit idly by, watching the destruction of our towns, our countries, our world, and our human potential. It has fallen on the shoulders of the common people to unite and create a new way, a new system, and a beautiful life for us and the next generations to come.


ONE SMALL TOWN has a simple plan; to turn small towns around the world into places of abundance and prosperity for all. A system in which there are no hurdles to progress or restrictions on personal growth individually or as a community.


Communities that support and promote unbridled creative expression in all areas of life such as arts, culture, science, technology, healthcare, environment, architecture, and agriculture. To create such harmonious communities, we, the people, must lead the Revolution of Consciousness by simply creating a new alternative way of living; connected through community living and common goals that benefit everyone.


This new conscious movement will turn competition into collaboration where all members will benefit from the collective effort’s skills and talents.

It all begins with One Small Town.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the One Small Town action plan. Feel free to download the latest presentation here.

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OST Platform

A complete and secure online management system

To manage a global network of thousands of towns and millions of people, working in thousands of businesses and community projects, requires a highly sophisticated IT platform and blockchain. This is what we call the OST platform. 


As One Small Town grows so will the functionality and capacity of the OST platform. This includes memberships, project management, businesses, financials, production, distribution, and everything else connected with the OST initiative.

The monthly allocation and distribution of goods and benefits to our OST members is one of the key functions of the OST Platform.

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Starting our own businesses

We use our many skills and expertise to start as many businesses as we can. We focus on agriculture, growing and processing food, building materials, healthcare, clothing, engineering, technology, etc. All these businesses belong to all our OST members equally.


Our FREE labour force allows us to grow, or manufacture, and produce at least THREE times as much as we need, so that there is always a portion that is designated for ourselves. Whatever we don’t need, we sell on the open market, or distribute through our international OST distribution network of connected towns. 

This is a simplified explanation. The OST Platform has a sophisticated IT model for all of this, which is connected to a business plan template, a project management system, and an accounting system - all on the platform. 

All contributing members get the following benefits:

Profit share

Equal share of NETT profits from our business

A basket of goods

Food and goods that we produce for ourselves


One INFINITY token for every 3 hours of contribution


Anyone, anywhere can become a Global member of ONE SMALL TOWN. You don’t have to live in an active ONE SMALL TOWN to be a member. Just click the BECOME A MEMBER button and follow the prompts. 

Once you are a member you can choose to become an Ambassador for your town or country, if you have what it takes. You can also sign up to contribute your special skills and talents in various other ways. As a member you have access to your own Digital Wallet in which you can accumulate your INFINITY tokens. You can share them or send them for free to any other member in the world instantly – or you can sell them on the OST Platform to a willing buyer. (Find more details about INFINITY Tokens on the Token page

Businessman on Phone
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tokens sold

4,89 USD
Current price

Reserve Price at 4.40 USD


The INFINITY token was chosen in favour of a normal punch card system, for members to prove that they have contributed 3 hours to their community businesses or projects. This is a much safer, and an instant way to record members’ participation, and to allocate their reward into their digital wallet. We use the latest and simple QR code technology, which is available to anyone with a smartphone. 

The INFINITY token is our own reward system that will keep growing in value as time goes by. OST members receive ONE INFINITY token for every three hours we contribute towards our own community projects or businesses. It is the only community token which is backed by real human sweat equity. We create the value in the token with our own labour. There is no other community token like it. 

For Full details and White Paper click HERE.

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Members are required to contribute a minimum of three hours per week to receive their regular benefits. But members can choose to contribute up to a maximum of three hours per day – for which they also receive one INFINITY token for every 3 hours. 


Every member has an OST digital wallet connected their account. One INFINITY token is automatically allocated to your digital wallet for every three-hour session that you complete. Members can trade their tokens on the OST Platform and send tokens instantly and for free to other members. 


The value of the INFINTY token keeps growing with the growing number of OST members around the world and the time they contribute to their communities. That's the reason why we call it INFINITY.


We have provided you with the basic info in the presentations below. Please study them and familiarize yourself with the steps you need to take in order to make your town a vibrant place with a strong community.

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The ONE SMALL TOWN office issued 24 million INFINITY tokens to members around the world, to BUY. These funds are used to manage the OST office. Anyone can become a member and buy these tokens as long as they are available. But, once these 24 million have been sold, there will be no more INFINITY tokens for sale – But members will continue to earn tokens by contributing 3 hours to their businesses or community projects.


At this stage, the only tokens that will be available for purchase will be tokens offered for sale by members who have tokens in their digital wallets. 

If our OST members don’t want to sell their tokens, but rather trade them for other items of value, there will be a scarcity of INFINITY tokens – this will increase the price/value of INFINITY tokens even more.

PATRONS: If you resonate with what we do, you can become a proud PATRON of the OST initiative and choose how much you want to contribute monthly. To become a PATRON please click the button below.

All Hands In
We are the ones we've been waiting for!

You don't have to live in an active ONE SMALL TOWN to become a member. Everyone, everywhere can sign up to be a global member of OST right now, start collecting your INFINITY tokens, share them, trade them, and get ready for exciting new developments and activity around the world. 

Notice & Disclaimer

ONE SMALL TOWN NPC, South Africa, or any of its affiliates such as ONE SMALL TOWN INTERNATIONAL LLC USA, ONE SMALL TOWN LTD UK, (OST) are not licenced financial institutions, we do not provide financial services, tax advice, or financial advice, or claim to be accredited financial services providers.


We are a worldwide Private Membership Organisation that is involved in community development and upliftment projects. We provide the tools that assist OST members to develop plans and strategies to develop their towns and communities. 

This includes membership signups on our secure private platform, membership cards, business plan support, project management, international contacts and networks, and other benefits associated with ONE SMALL TOWN membership.  

Please be advised that the term TOKEN, TOKENS, or INVESTOR TOKEN, is not a reference to an official financial document, or share certificate, of financial services instrument. Tokens are not intended to constitute securities, shares, units in a collective investment plan, or any form of financial instrument, or advice in any jurisdiction. 

It is a membership token that indicates the MEMBER’s support of a specific business or activity within the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. Token holders must be members, and they receive benefits from the specific business they support, based on the number of tokens they hold. 

OST expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties that the Tokens might be construed as an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment.

Acknowledgment by Token Holders:

By acquiring, holding, or using the Tokens, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You understand that the Tokens are not registered with any government entity as a security or as any other form of financial instrument.

  2. OST Tokens represent Private Membership support and benefits.

  3. You are acquiring the Tokens solely for their intended purpose as outlined by OST, and not as an investment or a financial product.


Regulatory Compliance:

OST is committed to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the issuance and management of digital tokens. Should any changes in legislation or regulation require adjustments to the nature or use of the Tokens, OST will undertake to inform token holders appropriately and take necessary actions in compliance with the law.

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