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TOKEN SUPPORT: If you're having difficulty setting up your account or purchasing tokens, please email SUPPORTPLATFORM@ONESMALLTOWN.ORG



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What is the INFINITY token
How Do I Buy tokens
What is the Infinity token

What Is The INFINITY Token?

The INFINITY token is underpinned by true human activity and sweat equity - not just fresh air. The INFINITY Token is the official ONE SMALL TOWN community token shared with all OST members who contribute 3-hours of time towards their businesses and community activities.

Members are required to contribute 3 hours per week, for which they receive 1 INFINITY token for every 3-hours of time contributed. Members also have a choice to contribute two shifts of 3-hours

per week - a total of 8 shifts per month. As we grow the ONE SMALL TOWN projects around the world, we envisage more and more people will be contributing 6-hours per week. We are expecting to sign up between 200 - several thousand members per town/project. In Kuruman alone we expect 70,000 members to sign up. Soon there will be hundreds of thousands of people contributing millions of hours of FREE labour towards their own businesses and community upliftment.

The value of the INFINITY token is derived from the following considerations:

Average hourly wage, the value of the basket of food and other goods distributed to our members monthly; and the cash dividends from our growing number of businesses. At its launch, the value of the INFINITY token was estimated to be $40 (USD) which is the average wage for 3-hours of work in the USA. The launch price of the INFINITY token was $1.00.

The value of the token will gradually grow towards the $40 mark over the next 24 months, as the OST initiative grows and new projects are started and more members keep joining OST.

Read the whitepapers for all our tokens HERE. Or click the button below.

How Do I Buy Tokens?

TOKEN SUPPORT: If you're having difficulty setting up your account or purchasing tokens, please email SUPPORTPLATFORM@ONESMALLTOWN.ORG







Go to  to register and create an OST Platform account. 

IMPORTANT: Do not access our website from any other site or clickable links or emails. Always access the OST Trading Platform from our website to ensure you reach our real PLATFORM and are not being scammed.


Click on REGISTER which will open a sign-up link as a Non-Resident member and click SIGN ME UP.

This will open the Terms and Conditions for the Infinity Token Sale page. Read through all the terms and conditions and click Accept at the top or bottom of the page. This will open the registration form that you need to complete.

Complete the application form and SUBMIT. You will be asked to create a login password on the form - please ensure you used your correct email address and that it's spelt correctly.


Login to your account now by going back to the OST Platform login page  and clicking on Platform Login. Enter your registration email address and the password you created during the login process. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking on Forgot password.


Once logged into your OST Platform account click on Menu and go to Purchase Tokens, complete the form and submit your token purchase request. After submission, you will be given payment instructions and given a unique payment reference. Follow the payment instructions carefully to ensure you can track your payment. After we verify your payment has been received, you will receive an email confirming the successful purchase and token allocation and your OST wallet will be loaded with your tokens. You can download your OST Token Certificate under the menu item My Purchases (History). 

You will be able to log into the OST platform and view your tokens there. All token purchases and exchange history are completely trackable on the OST platform. You can never lose your tokens - they are in your wallet on the platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Payments can take up to 7 days to reflect in our bank account for verification. Kindly only contact us after 7 days if you have not received your confirmation and allocated tokens in your wallet. You can log into your OST Platform account anytime to see what the balance of your tokens is. 


For direct payments and EFT payments, the Payment Reference is VERY IMPORTANT. It is the common denominator throughout the payment process serving as actual proof of payment on the OST Platform. Please ensure you use the Payment Reference everywhere it is required. To buy INFINITY tokens or any other tokens in future, please click on this link or on the  BUY TOKENS button that appears at the top of this page, on this website.

Our Trading Platform will go live 6 months from the original launch.

Once the Trading Platform is live, you can buy or sell OST tokens only on this platform.

You will also have an OST Digital Wallet on your phone or PC - all your tokens are displayed in your wallet for ease of reference.

With your OST Digital Wallet, you can send tokens to any other OST member with an OST wallet - free of charge and outside of any bank interference. This wallet has been specifically designed to make crypto sharing and selling easy.

The ONE SMALL TOWN Digital Wallet was developed for ordinary people. It is simple and easy to use for everyone. Unlike the many complicated crypto wallets in the market today that are only suitable for advanced crypto users, you don't have to be a crypto expert to use the OST Digital Wallet.

IMPORTANT: Once you have an OST account and your digital wallet, you can never lose your tokens. Because our tokens are not ordinary cryptocurrency - ALL our tokens are actually NFTs - each token has a unique code linked to it that can be traced if stolen or lost somehow. NFTs are the future of crypto.


If you are a PATRON please indicate that on the form when you create your account - Click the I AM A PATRON box. All Patrons receive 72-hour preferential access to all future token launches.  Please use the same name and email address you used for your PATREON membership to ensure we can verify you are a PATRON.


You will be notified when the next batch of tokens are released. We will be verifying our PATRON list at the time of fulfilment. If you wish to become a PATRON, please click on the below link.

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Token Support

Token Support

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For any queries regarding your token purchase or setting up your OST Platform account, email

Investors who want to talk to someone before purchasing tokens can contact Victor Lardé to request a phone or video call (Zoom or Meet) by text message or WhatsApp to +356 99746522 (Maltese number. Malta - EU) or email


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