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Wise Thoughts from Hrvatska/Croatia

Village... the word itself implies unity.

The One Small Town community in Hrvatska/Croatia posted the following:

"Not so long ago, small communities (which we called them villages or settlements then) lived in unity. If one family built a house, the neighbours would help with the construction. When it was time to babysit, another neighbour would step in. People spontaneously supported and protected each other because their community depends on it. The word itself implies unity. How many of you today know the neighbours you share a floor with? Would you give them a key to your apartment while you're at sea?

Nowadays that is not the case anymore. For most things we do outside of our home, you must have an approved certificate and/or have to be done by an authorized person. As we turn resources into money (association into work, forest into wood mass, food into food products or air into CO2), we have to spend more and more time working for things that were previously free to us, or more we live to work, and save and less time we spend with to my families and friends.

There is a way out. The way out is not in anger, not in fighting the "evil" system, nor in fleeing to the woods. The way out is to change consciousness and take back the power we have handed over to the "system". The process of reclaiming power and creating abundance is called One Small Town. Coming soon to a small town near you."

If you resonate with these words of wisdom and want to truly make a difference, consider becoming a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN.

Know that you are playing an active role in making our world a better place. It is up to us to create a world of prosperity and abundance. Read our website - inform yourself - get involved. Don't sit on the fence.

To support us through Patreon, click the link here:

In Unity,

Michael Tellinger

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