USA Gets First ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador

It gives me great joy to introduce Lia LaCour, our first ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassador in the USA. For Washington D.C. Email: Lia has the perfect background in a combination of humanitarian and corporate experience, that gives her the balance to manage this exciting but challenging task ahead.We trust that soon we will have ambassadors in many states of the USA, that will cooperate to build an unstoppable wave of change and inspiration among the great people of the USA – to initiate the ONE SMALL TOWN plan, and bring abundance and prosperity to the towns.Of all the countries of the world, this OST plan is tailor-made for the political and socio-economic system of the USA. With mayors, sheriffs, judges and communities, that hold great power in their hands when they stand united. I trust that the ONE SMALL TOWN plan will find fertile ground in many of the small towns of the USA very soon. Reminder – We are turning our towns into highly investment-friendly towns for investors – by providing a united labor force that no corporation can compete with. Watch the OST Implementation Crash Course video here for more details here:

In unity – Michael Tellinger


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