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UPDATE: Infinity Token Sales

The ONE SMALL TOWN INFINITY tokens will be available to everyone on our OST trading platform from Wednesday 24 August. Until then, the platform is reserved for the 400+ people who reserved their first 1 million INFINITY tokens in In June 2022.

PRE-LAUNCH TOKEN RESERVATIONS: Everyone who reserved tokens during our pre-launch phase will receive an email from with all the instructions on creating your account and purchasing your tokens. Always ensure that this is the email address you received the instruction email from to avoid any scams. We have received the queries of the small amount of people who have not yet received the email - rest assured, we are working through it and you will be assisted. Please ensure you have read the Infinity Token Terms and Conditions before purchasing here.

For support regarding the account creation and purchasing of your tokens, please email

INFINITY is unlike any other cryptocurrency in the world. It has real value, real human sweat equity and labour supporting it. Millions of people working and contributing their time and sweat to creating prosperity and abundance for all.

Every INFINTY token represents 3-hours of labour, that someone actually contributed towards their community, growing food, cleaning streets, helping the elderly, serving in the hospitals, helping the orphans, building computers, manufacturing bicycles or cars or an endless list of activities that is all part of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative.

Tokens that were not fulfilled by Patrons and pre-orders will be available from 24 August 2022 on our website - trading platform.

There is no other crypto like the INIFINITY token. For the people, by the people.


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