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Transforming Hopeless Depression into Inspired Action

"Time to think positively, stay brave and strong..."

Our current financial system is broken and it cannot be fixed...

We have to come to terms that our socio-political and economic system is broken. It cannot be fixed, no matter how much money you throw at it. It is fundamentally flawed in its roots and foundations. There is no point in trying to fix it using the same tools that were used to create it. That is defined as insanity. We, the freedom-loving people of the world, have only one option. To create a new system, that is infinitely more appealing to the people of the world, and by doing so, we make this slavery system obsolete. That is what the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative will slowly but surely achieve. It is not a quick fix, but we have to start somewhere. The good news is that we have already started.

And we are unstoppable...

I want to remind all of us of an inconvenient truth that affects all of us. In order to liberate ourselves from the tyranny being imposed on us every day by compromised governments, we must come to terms with what I call the "Terrible Truth." The real agenda to completely enslave humanity in every possible way imaginable in an Orwellian 1984-type totalitarian world. Only when we come to terms with this Terrible Truth, we will realize that it is up to us to do something, and we will be motivated to do something. But most of us have no idea what to do. This is where the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative becomes critical. There are no other fully integrated plans to unite communities in cooperation and collaboration to create abundance and prosperity for all.

If you find such a movement, please join them and give it all your possible energy. If not, join us in the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. Our plan is to create a new system without any violence, opposition or conflict, which will make this current slavery system obsolete. Tell everyone who wants to hear. Time is not on our side. We need to move swiftly and efficiently. Our freedoms, our future and the future of our children depends on this.

Spread the positive news and solutions...

It is critical that we face this Terrible Truth, in order to realize that we must take action to save ourselves. So, let us stay awake and aware and fully informed of the evil intent against us, BUT let us not dwell in it, let us not get depressed about it. Let us use this Terrible Truth purely as information to motivate us into action to stand united and liberate ourselves.

Time to think positively, stay brave and strong, visualize the peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity we all want for ourselves and our children. Let us keep on visualizing and manifesting. Your thoughts are powerful tools. Use them wisely. Do not dwell on negative feelings and emotions and thoughts. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the many. The power always lies with the people.

Slowly but surely the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is taking off in more and more towns, and more and more countries. We are creating our own community tokens and means of funding our community-owned businesses. We are focusing on all the key sectors of our lives, to create something that actually serves us, the people. As the conscious millionaires wake up, there will be a rush to invest in the powerful cooperative spirit of small towns and the united free labor force we bring to create prosperity and abundance for all in our community. Join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative today and know that you are an active participant in making the world a better place.

Our Unique Bee World Initiative in the One Small Town Village of Ras El Matn, Lebanon is a $3.9 Million investment being supported by the sales of the One Small Town Infinity Tokens, the world's first Community-Based token of its type , based on tangible assets, investments with High ROI and most importantly sweat equity being provided.

Our 9,000 Bee Hives will supply products such as vinegar, soap, shampoo, body creams, candles and most importantly honey, venom, pollen, propolis, bee hives, intelligent beehives, AI beehives, Bee Broods & more. Services also provided will be: Api Therapy, Api Tourism, Bee Certification, Bee Air Therapy, Bee Retreats for Vibrations, Bee Lab testing amongst others. The Majestic Honey that has no expiration and is full of incredible benefits is an important product to have in the new world of One small town which is based on self-sustainability, co-ownership & collaboration.

In other words, "We work like the bees do. Honey Is Money!"

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In Unity,

Michael Tellinger

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