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The Token That Will Change Everything...

Imagine a crypto currency that is not just an idea in thin air. A token that is linked to the actual sweat equity of thousands of people at the time of its launch. That grows to millions of people over several months, all contributing millions of hours of work to thousands of business that they are co-owners of with a collective turnover of hundreds of billions of Dollars. A token that represents growing of millions of tons of food and thousands of natural and organic food products. A token of large scale manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, arts, culture, food security, technology, research, pharmaceutics, and every other sector imaginable...

Now imagine that you can be part of this new Era of human activity around the world and benefit from its success?

What do you think this token will be worth when the Crypto world wakes up to this?

The OST token is launching on the 16th of June 2022.

Details will be available on our website

All PARTONS of ONE SMALL TOWN will get preferential access to the OST Token sales once we have launched.

Become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN now and let your generosity be your own reward.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.


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