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The Power of Positive Thought

"But there is a solution... The One Small Town."

We now find ourselves in a world where lies are reported as truth, propaganda is sold as science, the bad guys are hailed as the good guys and heroes, and the righteous are vilified as nasty, anti-liberty, danger to democracy villains.

How do we rectify this situation as the west and NATO is relentlessly instigating a war with Russia and its allies?

Never forget. People don't want wars. People don't start wars. Wars are started by governments with a political agenda, while using our innocent brave young men and women as lambs to the slaughter, dying for the same evil regime that keeps them enslaved in a perpetual economic slavery system, falsely believing they are free... And that they are fighting for their freedom.

None of us are free. No matter what country we live in. We are all equally enslaved by our totalitarian governments, who answer only to the global elite, their puppet masters, lying to us and using every tool at their disposal to keep us ignorant and obedient.

We cannot keep on fighting... The innocent people of other countries are not our enemies. Our governments are the greatest threat to peace. Do not let them send your sons into conflict that does not involve you directly. Only through unity, will we regain our freedom and create prosperity and abundance for all.

To learn the full complex problem so that we can understand the solution fully, I go over everything in the Ubuntu Contributionism Book. I recommend going through it thouroughly to fully understand where we are at and how we can get out of it.

All of what I just stated above can seem so grim and scary. But there is a solution... The One Small Town. This should be the primary focus of all of us. Let's focus on the solution and maintain those positive thoughts towards a new system.

It's time to think positively, stay brave and strong, visualize the peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity we all want for ourselves and our children. Let us keep on visualizing and manifesting.

Your thoughts are powerful tools. Use them wisely.

Do not dwell on negative feelings and emotions and thoughts. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the many. The power always lies with the people.

Positive thoughts are many times stronger than negative thoughts. Get lost in positive thinking.

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In Unity,

Michael Tellinger

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