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The ONE SMALL TOWN seed initiative progress

The ONE SMALL TOWN seed initiative is in full swing! Repeated experiments confirm that the treatment of the seeds with completely natural tools increases the speed of growth and yield by between 50 to 500 %.

This is just part of the special knowledge and technology that every school receives when they join the ONE SMALL TOWN Schools initiative.

Pictured above is one of our treated corn seeds after 3 days.

OST food growing projects will be driven by the special seed treatment that provides farmers with super seeds. All organic and natural. The way that they were supposed to grow before GMO. We expect to harvest corn after 15 weeks. Many farmers can do two harvests annually.

If you are a principal of a school, email me at We invite all schools to join this food growing and seed bank initiative.

Become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN. Know that you are an active participant in making the world a better place.

Discover how the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is changing the world.

In Unity

Michael Tellinger

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