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Telegram Group for One Small Town Canada

There is so much happening with the One Small Town initiative, not just for South Africa and Lebanon, but for every other country that has individuals interested in creating a world built on cooperation, collaboration and freedom. We have ambassadors working diligently to assist the international initiative in bringing the first towns to launch and building awareness in their respective countries to bring OST to fruition in their areas.

With so many updates coming, a Telegram group has been created for One Small Town Canada where we can share information, build awareness and reach out to those who want to bring this to their communities and answer their questions.

Join us now on Telegram for Canada - and stay updated with news close to your communities. See you there!

For more information on the One Small Town initiative, visit and learn how to turn small towns into places of prosperity and abundance. Watch all our videos and the FAQ video series to have all your questions answered.

If you want to get involved, click here or you can contact your OST Country Ambassador here.


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