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Stay up to speed with the ONE SMALL TOWN progress.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Join the global ONE SMALL TOWN family of peace-loving and freedom-loving activists across all borders.

It took 14 years to manifest - OST is no longer an idea - it is a life-changing event that is taking shape right now. Our Token trading platform is now active and will be live for customers from next week - possibly Monday.

The first one million INFINITY tokens have been sold mostly to keen supporters who pre-booked them in June 2022.

The next 1 million INFINITY tokens will be launched on the OST platform on 15 September 2022. Read about our tokens on our website at and the terms and conditions at

The first OST towns are in South Africa and Lebanon. We are setting in place the IT, database platforms, the blockchain technology, the project management systems, the business plans, the initial projects, the experts to run it and so much more. Once this platform is in place, we will be in a position to launch ONE SMALL TOWN initiatives very quickly - across all borders in all countries.

Don't be impatient - fill your heart with joy and anticipation.

ONE SMALL TOWN is about to soar.

Our INFINITY Tokens are already creating a stir and becoming a highly desirable alternative to the unstable crypto world.

Learn all bout ONE SMALL TOWN - become a member and become a PATRON.

In unity - Michael Tellinger

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