So much EXCITING news and so much more to come!

Good rising to all freedom-loving people of the world. Another successful week in the march towards the official launch of ONE SMALL TOWN. Both Lebanon and South Africa are making great progress. We are laying a solid foundation for a new reality, that serves the people, by the people, and over time, will make this slavery system obsolete.

Our First Town in South Africa:

The Kuruman (South Africa) press release has gone out on the municipal website. 😃😃😃

This is a terrific first step for their local community. And will surely create a flow-on effect to neighbouring municipalities.

Will your town or city or shire be next?

Get in touch with us, today!

Let’s make it happen, together!

View the official municipal press release at and we will have regular updates on our news page and you can visit our town pages here where we will onboard new towns going forward.

Signing of MOU for our digital platform:

UBUNTU PLANET signs a historic MOU with FORUS Digital, to provide all the blockchain financial services, crypto integration, card payment systems, membership management, and many other applications for the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. It is like a match made in heaven.

A jubilant festive high-spirited atmosphere during the signing of the MOU between the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative and the amazing FORUS Digital platform.

Get ready for the launch of the most powerful crypro token since the rise of crypto. The ONE SMALL TOWN token. Coming June 16 to a coin platform near you and the OST website The only crypto token supported by human sweat equity of millions of people and billions of dollars turnover by hundreds of businesses, all owned by the people who work in them. Watch this space.

Some uplifting news about the work that FORUS Digital is doing in South Africa and beyond. I am very excited to have such innovative and humanitarian partners in the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative. .

These truly are exciting times for OST and the world. We are creating the world we want to live in and leave for our children...

In Unity

Michael Tellinger

For more information on the One Small Town initiative, visit and learn how to turn small towns into places of prosperity and abundance. Watch all our videos and the FAQ video series to have all your questions answered.

If you want to get involved, click here or you can contact your OST Country Ambassador here.

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