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Seed Activation and Infinity Token Progress

"Our OST seed activation initiative is delivering the results we expected."

Our OST seed activation initiative is delivering the results we expected. This is a quick glimpse at our treated corn at about 14 weeks, 2,5m tall, growing several stems, and producing an average of 3 cobs per stem. No fertilizer, no pesticides. OST seed banks around the world are a major priority for 2023. We will be identifying participating farmers very soon.

More exciting news regarding the value of Infinity Tokens...

We are currently writing a blockchain algorithm to control the growing value of the INFINITY tokens connected to: the number of OST members, how much time they contribute weekly and the productivity of OST businesses started.

I trust this will give permanent stability to the INFINITY token and bring full transparency and confidence to OST participants and investors. 40k members contributing 3 hours weekly, (120,000 hours of free labour weekly, 460,000 hours monthly) and $40 value of the INFINITY token will most likely be the benchmark baseline. After this, the value will simply keep growing based on the continuous growth of members and how much prosperity they bring to their communities and projects.

To become apart of the change and order your Infinity tokens today, click the link here:

In unity,

Michael Tellinger

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