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Real Freedom is Closer than We Think

Every day, almost 8 billion people wake up and try to do something to improve their lives. To grow food, to educate, to share knowledge, to heal, to invent, to uplift their community and family, to build a home, to travel, to relax, to find food and shelter, and millions of individual acts driven by aspiration. Somehow, very few ever achieve their goals. Somehow, the laws created by those we elected to be our servants keep preventing us from achieving our dreams.

This is not freedom, this is tyranny and quiet psychological warfare against humanity.

Is this what we want for ourselves and our children's children?

Imagine that 1 million people become patrons of ONE SMALL TOWN.

We can launch OST in hundreds of towns every month - in many countries - all linked by the OST blockchain platform, enabling the communities to perform miracles in a united effort, grow enough food to feed the world, and health and technology to serve the people - not corporations.

Calling all freedom-loving people

who can afford a few bucks every month, to support the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative.

We need all the support we can get in this launching stage. There is tremendous pressure on our office, with admin, implementation, project management, business plans, travel, PR, IT, OST blockchain platform, and so much more.

Discover how the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is changing the world to bring prosperity and abundance for all, without any violence or conflict. The time of sitting on the fence is over. Join us today. Let's create the kind of world we all want to be in.

Choose your preferred option of contributing to these activities and know that you are active participate in making this new world of abundance and prosperity a reality. Donate with the link here:


Become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN today - let's make this a reality for all those who have seen the future and know that we are the makers of our reality and we can create the kind of beautiful word we all want to live in.

Your support is literally changing the future.

In Unity,

Michael Tellinger


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