Paraguay Mayor Is Ready To Roll

I had a very exciting and productive zoom call with our prospective Mayor in Paraguay on the 3rd of April 2021. Everything is in place for a successful campaign in about 6 months. I will reveal the name of the Mayor and the town as soon as he has announced his candidacy.

I can tell you that this is a very influential member of the community – well loved and respected for his past humanitarian activities. There is therefore a very good chance that he will be elected. This will put us on a fast-track to implementing ONE SMALL TOWN in South America and create the domino effect that we all want to see. As long as we do it properly, orderly, and according to the FULL plan that has been devised since 2005.

We discussed the many industrial opportunities in the town and it all looks very promising for a successful launch and very attractive for investors. One of the highlights of our conversation was the fact that the town can put up its own network to distribute electricity. Much more about this when possible.

In unity – Michael Tellinger


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