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OST News and Update

We are growing and growing very quickly!

This past week we have achieved the following. Initiated 4 new OST towns in South Africa. Lebanon keeps surprising everyone with the amazing progress in Ras El Matn - with new projects and businesses being added to their list of successes. Huge interest in OST from the USA, Germany, Australia and several other countries. New Ambassadors for Ireland are currently being interviewed.

The OST Seed Program started the official roll out on the farm in South Africa. Growing the mothers and stable organic corn seeds that will be distributed to our seed bank farmers who have signed up on the website. A second seed cultivation site was identified in the Western Cape, South Africa for growing our seed mothers. A long list of crops, vegetables and fruits are being identified to treat seeds and share.

Fish breeding and cultivating is being explored on the coastal areas. A genetic lab has been secured to identify and register our new seed DNA so that we can keep it protected against Monsanto and others.

The OST Blockchain Platform keeps getting stronger and more diverse in its functions. The algorithm to determine the true value of the INFINITY token should be loaded in the coming week or two. The platform is almost ready to allow anyone from any country to start a ONE SMALL TOWN initiative by simply logging in and filling out the application. This will grow the OST projects exponentially.

The automatic allocation of tasks to OST members for their 3 hours per week contribution is almost ready on the platform. The automatic allocation of INFINITY tokens to members, once they complete their 3 hour shift, is ready.

And this is just a fraction of what has been achieved in January 2023...

Join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative today. Become a PATRON now. Subscribe to our email newsletter here. We need all the support we can get to keep our head office going. Remember that we are a non-profit company and we can only continue doing what we do by getting the financial support from members and other supporters. So you can either become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN by clicking here, or Subscribe to a monthly purchase of the INFINITY tokens here. You pay the price that you paid at the time of your subscription for 12 months. For more donation options. click here

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

In unity,

Michael Tellinger

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