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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The ONE SMALL TOWN initiative is growing and evolving rapidly. Please note that our website may not always be updated with the latest videos and instructions on how to get involved with the OST initiative, or the latest implementation plans. Please visit our website frequently to see the NEWS page for regular updates and NEWS from all our OST activities around the world. This will get you as close as possible to our most recent activities and achievements.


Our approach no longer relies on Mayors or municipalities to be involved, or to help drive or launch the OST initiative.

Our focus has shifted to working directly with:

  1. Community leaders, traditional leaders, and tribal leaders with a strong influence in their community,

  2. Other driven upstanding and respected individuals with a capacity to inspire their community,

  3. Churches and other groups of people who are already united in some way,

  4. Schools

  5. Farmers.

  6. Military veterans and others

Mayors and municipalities will always be invited to show support in whatever capacity they can for the OST initiative in their community.

The ONE SMALL TOWN platform, accessible from the OST website is the nerve centre of the OST initiative. It is the IT Platform and blockchain that controls all transactions, memberships, and activities of all OSTs worldwide. The OST Platform is constantly growing and improving in its functions and capacity.

Very soon it will allow anyone, anywhere, to register and launch their own ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, online very quickly, as long as they comply with the basic requirements.

Please keep an eye on our NEWS page for updates and progress.

In unity,

Michael Tellinger.

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