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Oroslavje - first One Small Town in Croatia Oroslavje - 21.2.2023.

With great joy, we announce Oroslavje as the first One Small Town in Croatia. On behalf of the entire team, we thank Mayor Viktor Šimunić for his support and recognition of the initiative's goals. One Small Town is a global initiative which aims to transform small towns and communities into places of abundance for all residents. We are achieving this with a unique integrative plan of action with ready-to-go projects, social rules and techology. Our initiative brings a unique, custom built platform and business support that enables all people to contribute to the development of their community, according to their capabilities, knowledge and skills, and enjoy the benefits that the community returns to them. From this day forward, we are officialy starting the implementation of One Small City in Oroslavje. In the coming months, we will issue a public invitation to all members of community to attend the first public lecture and start signing up as members of the first One Small Town in Croatia.

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