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One Small Town – Will Change The World

Message from Michael Tellinger – Founder of the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy.

Every day thousands of more people are discovering the simple plan to turn small towns into places of prosperity and abundance. More Mayors are reaching out to me from a growing number of countries. This has placed myself and the UBUNTU – One Small Town office under tremendous pressure. You can imagine that this is not a small undertaking. We are in the process of changing the way our society will function and prosper in the near future. It requires a full staff component of highly effective and dedicated people. Without sufficient funds to run a well staffed and well equipped office, we simply cannot manage a global initiative of this size. The monthly expenses keep rising with the growing demand. Admin, rent, electricity, IT, websites, designers, URL fees, hosting fees, printing, consumables, phone calls, travel costs, fuel, accommodation – time for planning, writing, meetings, presentations, translations, and other costs that we often forget about. Multiply this by several countries and you see the problem.

If we are going to succeed with our mission, we need to do it with the knowledge that we have sufficient funding for the short term and long term future. This PATRON initiative is to find a GOLDEN CIRCLE of dedicated supporters of the ONE SMALL TOWN plan to create that unshakable foundation of funds that will allow us to move mountains.

If you are financially stable and well off – Become a true PATRON of the ONE SMALL TOWN plan of action. I call this the Golden Circle of Supporters – who will give the UBUNTU office the means with which to make our beautiful plan a reality.

I am creating 5 Circles of Support – Gold – Silver – Bronze – Blue – Green

Find the one that that you can manage – and do it with pride in your heart, knowing that you are playing an active role in manifesting our NEW reality of prosperity and abundance for all.

One Small Town is coming – it’s just a matter of time.

In unity – Michael Tellinger


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