ONE SMALL TOWN Trading Platform is live

OST officially launched our Online token trading platform.

The emails have been sent to more than 400 people who pre ordered 1 million INFINITY tokens in June. Each one gets a Digital wallet connected to their account, loaded with their tokens. With this wallet you can send tokens to anyone around the world with the OST wallet, for free and without any bank interfere.

We are officially live.

This will change the way people see crypto. INFINITY is the only crypto backed by real human sweat equity and you can never lose your tokens, once in your digital wallet.

The next 72 hours are reserved for those who pre booked their tokens. After that, the platform will be open to everyone.

However, since we have pre sold 1 million tokens, the next available 1 million tokens will be placed on the platform on the 15th of September.

Much more information to come next week.

Discover how ONE SMALL TOWN is changing the world.

In unity, Michael Tellinger. 🙏


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