ONE SMALL TOWN To the rescue of global economic collapse.

According to this former Black Rock executive, the financial markets have reached the absolute peak before everything gets out of control.

This is a critical moment for conscious millionaires and billionaires to embrace the stable and safe investment opportunities presented by the ONE SMALL TOW initiative.

This is how we transition from the collapsing social structure created by greed and control, into a brand new way of creating stability, prosperity and abundance for all by embracing unity, cooperation and collaboration.

ONE SMALL TOWN Will Change The World - and create a quantum domino effect that no government will be able to stop.

We are very close to launching the first few small towns in 3 countries. A growing team of dedicated volunteers are working very hard to achieve this. Once we launch, no one anywhere on Earth, will want to continue living under the current conditions. It is at this point that the investment stampede will start, and small towns everywhere will become the safest investment havens for people with money. This is how we use the "tools of enslavement, as tools of liberation".

Join us today, share our plan with everyone. It is up to us to create this new utopian world we all dream of. Right here, right now. Find out how to get involved, identify the town you want to convert, and contact me or toy local One Small Town Ambassador in your country if you have one.

In unity, Michael Tellinger