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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We are back in the Karoo town to do a final presentation to the entire council, some of whom were not present before, to share the ONE SMALL TOWN plan. After this, the mayor will launch the full press release and we will disclose the name of the town. I call on all South Africans and freedom-loving people of the world to support this critical initiative. This is a truly historic moment that took 17 years to achieve. I started this journey in 2005, it is now becoming a new reality.

Oasis of sacred water in the Karoo, South Africa. The site of the first ONE SMALL TOWN launch in SA. Watch this space.
A well-earned meal at the Spur, South Africa's favourite family steakhouse.

We travelled over 200 km with 2 top council members and saw the unlimited opportunities for the launch of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative - in agriculture, tourism, game farming, health and wellness, and so much more that will be part of the OST launch in South Africa. Tomorrow we meet about 20 members of the farmers' unions. A big day ahead. A reminder that I will reveal the name of the town as soon as the mayor has released the official press release to the media. This will probably happen next week. Then it will be all hands on deck from South Africans to help make this a huge success. Inform yourself and tell everyone.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Join us today, become a Patron of ONE SMALL TOWN and tell everyone.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.

For more information on the One Small Town initiative, visit and learn how to turn small towns into places of prosperity and abundance.

If you want to get involved, click here or you can contact your OST Country Ambassador here.


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Christa Nagtegaal
Christa Nagtegaal
Apr 02, 2022

Definitely, we are the ones we have been waiting for! Well done Michael for holding your vision steady in all those years!


Unknown member
Apr 01, 2022

Good to know you are making a lot of headway, Michael!

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