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ONE SMALL TOWN Seed Activation Project

The ONE SMALL TOWN Seed Activation Project is showing very good initial results.

I will share limited info and visuals for security reasons.

Several of our first-wave Corn plants have grown up to 5 stems.

We have several mothers that have now produced 5 and 6 cobs from one seed. This is just the beginning.

Round two of the cultivation continues to create stable mothers with stable DNA that will continue to grow this level of abundance.

Look out for the New Seed Investment token to be launched in the near future on the OST website.

Join the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, become a PATRON, or sign up as a farmer to grow seed bank seeds, or a church or a school, or simply an OST member, and non-resident member.

We also welcome applications from suitable stable people who are inspiring leaders in their communities, to apply to become an Ambassador for OST in your town or country.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.

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