One Small Town Progress Update

Good rising beautiful freedom-loving people of the world.

More amazing progress was made this week in Lebanon and South Africa on the ONE SMALL TOWN launch. No matter how dark the world may seem at present, there is a very bright light of hope right ahead. What I can tell you is that once the first ONE SMALL TOWN launches, there is no way to go back. There will be a domino effect all over the world. A wave of change that we have never experienced on this planet. It has taken 17 years and relentless persistence to keep growing the idea from its 2005 origins. I can say this with confidence, because of the following.

In South Africa, we have already had 4 more mayors of municipalities call us, to come to launch the OST model in their towns - before the PRESS RELEASE has even gone out for the first OST in SA. This will escalate exponentially once we go live with the PR.

In Lebanon, at least 12 additional mayors have approached us to do the same.

The USA has gone through a few false starts in the past 12 months, but it seems that we now have a real candidate town in the USA to be the first.

We are now on the precipice of unprecedented change for the people, by the people. Stay tuned, learn all about the ONE SMALL TOWN plan on our website, and tell everyone. It seems to be the only real holistic solution we have to put the power back in the hands of the people and create prosperity and abundance for all.

Become a PATRON of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative today, and know that you are an active participant in creating a bright beautiful future for yourself and your children.

Click the LINK:

In unity - Michael Tellinger

For more information on the One Small Town initiative, visit and learn how to turn small towns into places of prosperity and abundance.

If you want to get involved, click here or you can contact your OST Country Ambassador here.

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