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The Antidote For The Madness in Our World

If you are new to the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative, please do the following to be fully informed and able to spread the message. We are active in several countries, and several mayors are engaging us at present. More are contacting us every week. It is speeding up to a climatic launch soon.

- Read the website -

- Watch the main videos on the website - the most recent ones

- Join the database by signing up for the Newsletter

- Tell everyone about ONE SMALL TOWN

- Share our OST Implementation Crash Course video

- BECOME a PATRON of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative.

- OR sign up for a small monthly contribution on our website if you do not want to be a PATRON.

We need all the financial support we can get as we get closer and closer to the launch of the first town. The more successful we become, the more it costs to run the office and activities to keep things moving forward effectively.

In Unity - Michael Tellinger


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2 Kommentare

Unknown member
24. März 2022

The link seems wrong:

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
21. März 2022

Hi Michael, A while back we discussed you using our BizPlanBuilder business planning platform to accelerate putting together your financing plan and strategy. How can we help? You can see it here:

Gefällt mir
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