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ONE SMALL TOWN – Crash Course

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Creating small towns of Prosperity and Abundance – without any violence, opposition or conflict. See how simple it is. Study it – And share it with everyone. Because nobody is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves from this draconian onslaught on all our freedoms and liberties. The power always lies with the people if we stand united – we must just remind ourselves of this. United we prosper – divided we fall. Go to the website and read as much as you can – watch all the videos – start a meetup group – read the UBUNTU book for the foundational knowledge – and follow the suggested steps to take. Reach out to the OST Ambassador in your country or to me, Michael Tellinger. Do not just run off to your mayor and bombard them with info. We have a well planned tempered approach to reach the Mayors and councilors, without scaring them away.In unity – Michael Tellinger

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