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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Our new OST APP is in production – we expect delivery in about 40 days. With the generous support of our PATRONS, we were able to pay the deposit and have one year to pay off the finished product. This APP will be the heart of all ONE SMALL TOWN operations. The APP is critical for the full management of the OST launch and the coordination of all the components that make OST activities operate smoothly, day to day. Some of the functions will be: Registration of the OST co-operative or legal entity by the community; OST members sign ups; registering member’s skills and abilities; business sign ups; Community Council voting system; stipulating business work requirements; matching OST members to work required; calculating business profits; calculating distribution of produce, and cash to OST members; and much more. BECOME A PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN – be an active participant in launching the FIRST ONE SMALL TOWN that will create the domino effect around the world. We are working with a team of business planners and strategists from 6 countries on the first 50 business plans for our first OST. This is a very serious and strenuous task and these plans must be meticulous. More on this in a separate update. Please share the PATREON link below with everyone – help us grow the OST PATRON family – we need all the support for the office as the workload increases week by week.



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