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Good rising beautiful freedom-loving people of the world.

My first airport travel experience since lockdown. This is an important trip to East London, South Africa. I am meeting with the ONE SMALL TOWN app development team and also planning the OST crypto token launch, the card and payment systems, and the blockchain that will manage all the activities. This will coincide with the launch of the online membership sign-up for OST members in Lebanon and South Africa. Now that the mayor has sent out the press release to the local media I will release the official notice of the first Town in SA in a day or two.

I am in meetings for the next 3 days with our crypto token partners, who will also be providing the OST members with membership cards - to hold their tokens and enable members to use their cards at the OST warehouses and other ordinary stores that use fiat money.

We must ensure that if the fiat money system collapses - it does not affect us - we continue to operate as usual in the ONE SMALL TOWN model and all our many businesses around the world.

We are moving rapidly towards a successful launch of ONE SMALL TOWN.

A whole new Era for all of humanity. Spread the message and share our website.


We need as much support as we can get at this critical stage before our launch.

In unity, Michael Tellinger.


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