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Major Progress With One Small Town Activity Around The World

The past 3 weeks have seen tremendous progress in ONE SMALL TOWN (OST) activity and our Energy technology development. Many people are interested in the energy generators and are requesting details. For sake of clarity – the details remain highly confidential and will only be shared with Mayors or cooperative community groups who agree to implement the ONE SMALL TOWN plan. I list some information that will be public domain below. ABOUT OUR ENERGY GENERATORS:

  1. Our generators will NEVER be promoted or sold to individuals, corporations, or governments. The generator will only be made available to TOWNS that have agreed to implement the OST plan.

  2. Our generators will be owned collectively by the people of the town.

  3. We now have several energy technologies from several inventors in several countries – there are various ways in which we are developing the technology for implementation in OST.

  4. Two new generators are in prototype stage building.

  5. The USA based generators require a larger cash input to start manufacturing and will only launch once we have an agreement and commitment from a USA Mayor.

  6. We have a good relationship with Foster Gamble and the THRIVE Movement who have access to many technologies themselves.

  7. The generators are being developed in various sizes for a variety of applications from 20kva to 200kva. They will be stack-able to achieve any output capacity required.

FUNDING: We have reaches the half way mark of our targeted funding requirements of $10k monthly – to run a successful office. Help me get to the $10k mark – by spreading the message to anyone who will resonate with our actions. Here is a list of important breakthroughs in March 2021:

  1. The South African Mayor has requested a detailed implementation plan for the installation of our Electricity generator and expressed a keen interest in moving forward. This has never happened before – so we are breaking new ground.

  2. Germany is forming a representative OST group

  3. Brazil OST activity is still very promising with a large funder ready to support all our activity there.

  4. One generator prototype is in manufacturing – another is about to start.

  5. USA manufacturing is ready to launch with promised funding

  6. An influential Canadian OST group has emerged with available funding to start OST in all provinces/states – discussion are about to start this week.

Spread the ONE SMALL TOWN message everywhere. It is up to us to make this a reality. In unity & resonance Michael Tellinger Founder of the UBUNTU Movement


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