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Lebanon Joins The ONE SMALL TOWN Initiative

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

A prominent family member in Lebanon has reached out to me, with a very strong conviction to launch the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative in this amazing historic country. This is a truly exciting development, as it shows how the OST message is reaching people across all borders and cultures. This is highly significant because this family is very successful in various businesses, locally and internationally, and has strong contacts in both business and political arenas. My initial discussion with the representative was very inspiring. He is extremely committed to make this a reality for his country and the small town that he has identified as the first one to launch. Discussion with the mayor will probably start this week and I expect this process to be faster than other towns because of the influence and financial means of this family. This is a great example of how we use the tools of enslavement, as tools of liberation. Many successful and wealthy people are waking up to the facts, that if they don’t help create a better world, their children will inherit a miserable world of conflict and hardship. More information will follow as soon as agreements have been reached with the Mayor.

OST AMBASSADORS: This week I will finally be in a position to start appointing established ONE SMALL TOWN Ambassadors in several countries, and inviting new Ambassadors to raise their hands and take on this responsibility.

Watch this space – Spread the message and invite people to become a PATRON of ONE SMALL TOWN.

In Unity – Michael Tellinger

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