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Kuruman Membership is now active

Membership sign up for ONE SMALL TOWN Kuruman is now active. Everyone who lives in the John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality can now sign up and become an instant member and co-owner of more than 200 businesses planned for this initiative. All you have to do is to pledge 3 hour per week to contribute towards the new businesses and community development projects.

We are now officially out of the starting blocks.

17 year of planning, is now a reality. Visit to sign up as a member.

Update from Kuruman:

Off to have our first on location meeting with the Kgosis in the tribal lands of Kuruman. A quick 5 hour round trip to see the first of the Traditional Leaders to discuss the logistics and plan of action over the coming months. More than 100,000 hectares of land is available for OST agriculture projects. I hope to also get some Drone footage for our short documentaries and investor packages.

Next week we do it all over again to take soil and water samples for analysis. The results will indicate what crops are best suited for the areas.

Big work ahead.


Some pictures from our 500km round trip to Heuningvlei, which is part of the tribal lands of ONE SMALL TOWN Kuruman. Kgosi Bareki, was unfortunately involved in a car accident yesterday so we did not meet. But we met his family in a traditional cooking area in the yard.

Then we scouted the surrounding area to absorb the spectacular semi desert beauty, the caves, and the water springs that feed the salt pan.

An unforgettable journey and a greater vision for the possibilities of the area.

More to come every day as we await the launch of the trading platform.

Flamingos in the waters of the Heuningvlei pan. A special peaceful energetic place. We did not want to leave. This week we plan the various activities suitable for this part of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative in Heuningvlei. It will undoubtedly revolve around health, and wellness, medicinal plants, honey, tourism, arts and culture. It is a 2 hour drive from Kuruman.

A moment to cherish for the OST team. Capturing this special journey to explore the outer regions of the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative Kuruman. At the entrance of the sacred ancestral cave in Heuningvlei, in the Kalahari. Michael Matshaka, Oom Klaas, Mayor Queen Mogatle and husband prince Amos. The big head is Michael Tellinger, myself.
And finally a selfie showing the awesome salt pan and sky contrast. Heuningvlei, Kalahari. Remember this place. Soon you will be able to experience it for yourself. 😁🙏😁

Praying and connecting with the ancestors at the cave entrance.

Become a Patron of ONE SMALL TOWN and an active participant in making the world a better place.

In Unity

Michael Tellinger

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